Does a Lift Certificate ever expire?

  • Yes it does. It has a seven year life from the date of purchase, per MA state gift certificate law.
  • A Lift Certificate purchased on April 12, 2020 is good at full value for one year through April 12, 2021. After the first year Promotional Value Period, the Lift Certificate is worth the purchase price plus the amount of the Bank subsidy for the following six years. The total length of life of a Lift Certificate is seven years, after which it expires.

Year 1 – Promotional Value Period: Lift Certificate worth Face Value

Years 2 through 7: Lift Certificate worth Purchase Price + Bank Subsidy


For example, if a consumer buys a Lift Certificate worth $100 at a discounted price of $60 (with $20 discounted from the merchant), for the first year it is worth $100. After the first year Promotional Value Period the Lift Certificate is worth $60 plus the $20 subsidy paid by the Bank, totaling $80, for the next six years. At the conclusion of year seven, the Lift Certificate expires.

How many denominations can a merchant offer?

There are 3 denominations offered, $25, $50, $100, and a consumer may purchase multiple Lift Certificates in any combination. Custom denominations are possible. Please call.

Can merchants limit the number of certificates they offer?

Yes, they can let the Bank know their store’s inventory limit.

Can merchants add to the Lift Certificate inventory if the level gets used up?

Yes, they can. Merchants may also request to have an "Auto Reload" of inventory.

How much of the discount will the Bank match?

The Bank is no longer offering a match.

How do I purchase a Lift Certificate?

You can only purchase them online at

How do I get my Lift Certificate once it’s purchased?

After your online purchase you will receive a confirming email with a unique verification code and then your Lift Certificate will arrive through regular mail.

Is the Lift Certificate like having cash?

Yes, it is.

What happens if someone does not receive the Lift Certificate in the mail?

The Bank has the unique verification codes for each one so the Bank can reissue the Lift Certificate if it is lost or never received.

Who is moving the money from the businesses when these Lift Certificates are being used for purchase at the merchants?

  • Each registered merchant will have a Business Online Banking account and the Bank will do ACH transfers to the merchants’ internal checking accounts.
  • If the merchant in question does not have an existing Martha’s Vineyard Bank checking account they will sign up for one as part of the "Lift" merchant registration process.